Ayoba Cold Storage

Award-winning bulk freezer storage facility

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Ayoba Cold Storage

Established in 2011, Ayoba Cold Store has fast become a leader in the bulk freezer-storage industry. Its award-winning services, progressive operations and state-of-the-art equipment have ensured that Ayoba is synonymous with efficiency and expertise across the globe.

Ayoba operates 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, and is located in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, home to one of Africa’s most significant ports. Only 7 kilometres from the empty container depot, and a mere 2 kilometres from the N2/ N3 road network, Ayoba is ideally situated for easy access to the greater Gauteng province. This easily-accessible location reduces transport costs and greatly improves productivity in its daily operations.

Ayoba Cold Store is committed to providing a world-class freezer storage solution, setting an industry standard of excellence and quality.

Outstanding service delivery. State of the art facilities. Leading green technology & community involvement...

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Ayoba Logistics

Setting Ayoba Cold Store apart is its in-house fleet of trucks used to transport containers from the wharf to cold storage, and finally products from cold storage to customers.

By utilising its own logistics and distribution facilities, Ayoba Cold Store provides its customers with an entirely comprehensive service, retaining optimal functionality and complete control over all operations.

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Ayoba Cold Storage

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Facilities & Operations

Ayoba Cold Store is an expansive state of the art -25°C freezer store, dehumidified with +5°C Airlock. Boasting 6 bays for receiving and dispatch equipped with dock levellers, Ayoba has the optimal capacity for quick turnover throughout the year.

Ayoba Cold Store is outfitted with a carefully calibrated weighbridge, ensuring that trucks leaving the facility are never overloaded.

Ayoba Cold Store has 24 heavy duty Storax mobile bases in three banks, with capacity for 6,912 pallets of 1 000kgs each. Additionally all fixed racking can accommodate pallets ranging between 1000kgs to 1400kgs while total capacity including fixed racking is an impressive 8035 pallets – which gives the store a 9000MT capacity.

Efficiency is the watchword for all operations at Ayoba, which is why no detail, no matter how small, is ever overlooked. Details such as forklift batteries, which are always kept on hand for replacement. Batteries are continually recharged after use to keep the trucks moving in and out of the facility at a steady pace.

Ayoba Cold Store is an expansive state of the art -25C° freezer store, dehumidified with +5°C Airlock.

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Green Technology

Ayoba Cold Store prides itself on its energy conservation and industry leading green-technology. All electric motors throughout the refrigeration plant are set to operate on optimal settings for energy-saving, without compromising on efficiency.

In addition to the electric motors, Ayoba has a fully functional grey water recovery system, as well as stand-by water tanks.

The WSP design consists of a single stage Ammonia (R717) system operating with an economiser and a side load for airlock cooling.

Four freezer PODs come totally equipped with hot gas defrost and other energy-saving initiatives, such as heat recovery for domestic water and under-floor heating.

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System Features

The Ayoba Cold Store control system is fully equipped with aisle light switching, night-park and radio remote control, as well as automatic aisle-clear to speed up access to aisles.

The facility is also equipped with automated communications, such as the GSM notification system which creates a 24 hour alert, notifying key management about temperature changes, critical failures or generator malfunctions via text message. This notification system sends scheduled messages to management every day, confirming all is in order within the cold store.

A stand-by compressor, condenser and ammonia pump, along with two stand-by generators, ensure operations are never interrupted – even in the event of a power outage. All Ayoba Cold Store facilities comply with relevant statutory regulations and local by-laws.

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The Ayoba Team

A team in every sense of the word.

The majority of the Ayoba family have been here since our inception in 2011, and have grown with us in the last decade.

We invest in our people – and have promoted from within to help write some amazing success stories.

From day shift to night shift – our team is driven, efficient, passionate and experienced.

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  • Certificate 1: PPECB

    We are proud to announce our acquisition of the Q17 Certification of Approval for Cold Stores/ Ambient Storage Facilities.This certification acknowledges our unrelentingly high standards for the pre-cooling and storage of perishable cargo destined for export.

    Safety and quality have been, and always will be our main priority – and we look forward to exceeding the standards for certification for many years to come.

  • Certificate 2: FSSC 22000

    Ayoba Cold Storage has achieved one of the most prestigious certifications in Food Safety: The Compliance Certificate for Food Safety System Certification (FSSC22000, Transport and Storage).This certificate once again reinforces our dedication to the maintenance of an unbroken cold-chain, by meeting the highest possible standards. We are proud to add this coveted accolade to our portfolio.

  • COA: Certificate of Acceptability for Food Premises
  • ZA Certificate: For a Veterinary approved Establishment